LHASA, Tibet, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The upcoming 2014 is the year of the horse in the Tibetan calendar, occurring every twelve years. According to Tibetan tradition, Buddhists make pilgrimages to the holy mountains in the year of the horse and to sacred lakes in the year of the sheep. As the holiest mountain in Tibet, Mount Kailash (or Gang Rinpoche) in western Tibet receives mu... (more)

Jules Schelvis   Recounts his Journey and Arrival at to Sobibor Death Camp Recounts his Journey and Arrival at to Sobibor Death Camp          Jules Schelvis & his wife Rachel in 1941 Jules Schelvis, his wife Rachel, whom he married on the 18 December 1941, were deported from Westerbork, transit camp in Holland to the Sobibor death camp in Poland on the 1st June 1943. Rachel’s family i... (more)

With the huge amount of sessions at Oracle Open World, it’s often hard to find the little gems of information amongst all the marketing. This is true of ADF like all other technologies at the conference, there’s simply a lot of information to digest and filter. Luckily Oracle publishes the presentations PPTs afterwards and it’s possible to find a jewel or two in all the content with some... (more)

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One of the oldest religions practiced today, Buddhism started in the 6th century BCE and teach ... (more)

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